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Handcrafted eyewear, that is less about showing style, but more about expressing your attitude.
Traditional heritage rich in timeless modernity, this virtuoso alliance of excellence between Dior and Thelios.
Reflects on the core values of the brand itself which is to protect our eyes and put customers’ eyes first.
Produce outstanding Italian designs, craftsmanship and visual merchandising to align with their heritage.
Four Nines creates glasses to deliver the most comfortable glass for all.
Clean cut, casual chic and care for details are the elemental concepts underlying iconic designs.
Thin, lightweight nylon creates a bold, contemporary look that’s comfortable on the field and in the streets.
A pure design and structural aesthetics simple but uniqueness. An eyewear of expressing individuality without trend.
Their diverse release plays with distinctive shapes and futuristic influence which reflects Kenzo’s vibrant personality.
The eyewear collections expresses the simple and timeless theme that are derivatives of Yohji Yamamoto’s long philosophy.
“Classic modernism” as design culture with Avantgarde twist using Japanese engineering and skilled handcraft.
Renowned for its vibrant designs and high-quality functionality.
Given with the exceptional aptitude of extraordinary design and engineering skills for optical frames and sunglasses.


Nov 2019
ic! berlin Workshop & Media Launch
May 2019
Yuichi Toyama Media Launch
Jul 2018
999.9 x Focus Point Media Launch